Terms and Conditions

1. Application of Terms and Conditions

These terms of trade apply to any contract between Olea Estate and the customer in which the customer purchases a product online or offline.

Olea Estate may vary these terms of trade at any time without notice.

2. Availability of Product

The website will show the range of products available to the customer online. However, due to the seasonal nature of the products offered by Olea Estate, the customer acknowledges that there may be limited numbers of each type of product available.

Olea Estate reserves the right to restrict the numbers of products available to an individual customer when available quantities are limited.

 3. Ordering Online

Orders may be placed by using our website.

Olea Estate may, in its absolute discretion, refuse to fulfill an order by a customer. Olea Estate is not required to provide its reasons for doing so.

 4. Ordering Offline

Orders may be placed offline by either through email, phone or faxing the order form that can be printed from the website.

 5. Price

The price of any product ordered by the customer shall be as per the price stated on the website at the time of the customer's order or the price advised to the customer by Olea Estate.

Olea Estate reserves the right to vary the price of each product from time to time without notice. Any price variations will be shown on the website and on the online order form.

All prices are in New Zealand currency and are inclusive of GST but are subject to variation and can be altered at the NZ Government's discretion.

 6. Payment

Olea Estate’s preferred method of payment is by credit card. When placing an order the customer will be required to indicate their preferred method of payment.

Olea Estate reserves the right to require an alternative method of payment to the customer's preferred choice.

7. Delivery

Olea Estate will only deliver to addresses in New Zealand unless agreed by prior arrangement.

Delivery of product(s) will only be made to New Zealand street addresses and will not be delivered to any post box address.

Olea Estate shall take all reasonable steps to make deliveries within 3-5 working days. However the customer acknowledges that Olea Estate ability to deliver is dependent upon the delivery address.

Delivery is deemed to have taken place once the product has been left at the delivery address. Instructions to leave orders unattended at the point of delivery is done so at the customer's risk. Olea Estate accepts no liability for the theft, spoiling or any other damage caused to the product when it is left at an unattended delivery address.

Olea Estate is not liable for failure to deliver within a reasonable time where that failure has been due to causes beyond the control of Olea Estate.

8. Title/Risk

Both title and risk in the product(s) shall pass to the customer once the product(s) is dispatched from Olea Estate.

9. Guarantee of Quality

Olea Estate guarantee the product(s) will be delivered in top quality and condition. Where the customer is able to satisfy Olea Estate that the delivered product(s) was not in top quality or condition at the time of delivery Olea Estate agrees to replace the product(s) and/or refund the purchase price (subject to 14.(b) below).

Where the customer is unsatisfied with the quality of the product(s) and require a replacement or refund, the customer must notify Olea Estate within 48 hours of delivery.

 10. Force Majeure

Olea Estate be excused from its obligation to a customer when Olea Estate is prevented from performing its obligations by an occurrence of "force majeure".

Refund Policy

Goods Return Policy

Please note that we cannot change item for any other reason other than the wrong item sent to you. Unless the condition of the item is sealed without any damage, we will not be able to exchange or refund for the wrong item. We will pay for the return of faulty or incorrect items.

If the order you receive is not what you have been invoiced for, we will put it right for you.

Please note that errors must be reported within 48 hours of delivery.

If your order has been damaged in transit Olea Estate will replace it for you. Please note that damaged goods must be reported within 48 hours of delivery.

Please do not dispose of the damaged goods until you have spoken to one of our representative as we may ask you to return them to us.

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