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In June 2009, a Pegaso-500 olive press was installed at Olea Estate and The Olive Mill was created to be its home. We are proud to say that the award winning oil from Olea Estate is grown, pressed and bottled on site ensuring that only the finest extra virgin olive oil will be in the bottle that you hold.

We are now providing olive oil processing services on site to olive growers of the area. For more information, contact us.

The Pegaso 500 olive press, produced by Officine Meccaniche Toscane, consists of advanced, sound technology. It produces oil without the use of vertical centrifugal separators. One of the main exclusive features of this press is the very small volume of mixing water consumed along with the lack of a final separator, which leads to a lower environmental impact.

For pressing enquires, contact us.

The Pegaso 500 Olive Oil Press, from Italy

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