Olea Estate Achieves Extra Virgin Olive Oil Certification 2013

We are very pleased to announce that Olives New Zealand has issued Olea Estate its Extra Virgin Olive Oil Certification for it Olea Naturae Olive oil we are very proud at the high levels of quality of this new product and believe it is our best pressing yet.  Our oil produced outstanding results with low […]

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Olea Estate Supports Breast Cancer Fundraiser Lunch at the Bolton Hotel

In June 2012 Olea Estate joined a number of national and Wellington companies to support a great cause. The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation Charity Fundraiser Luncheon. Chef Sahil Hussein from Artisan Restaurant Bolton Hotel put together a sumptuous menu of some of Wellingtons best local products to create a truly memorable luncheon and raise […]

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North and South Magazine select Olea Estate as one of NZ top 13 Oils.

It may be an unlucky number for some but for Olea Estate being picked as one of the top 13 great New Zealand Olive oils has been another success story. North and South Magazine select Olea Estate as one of its 13 great oils of 2012 describing it as mellow and buttery. For the full […]

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A message from Greece

In March 2012 we sent two bottles of our award winning Extra Virgin Premium Olive oil to Selene Restaurant in Santorini an award winning Restaurant on the Island of Santorini it boast some of the best cuisine in Greece, winning many awards including Chef of the year and overall contribution to Greek cuisine. We wanted to know […]

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Olea Estate part of the Rita Angus Wellington on a Plate dinner

In August 2012 Olea Estate was part of a very special event hosted by the Bolton Hotel. Great New Zealand painter Rita Angus was the inspiration for a superb set menu crafted by executive chef Sahil Hussain from the Bolton Hotel in Wellington Each course was been created with a Rita Angus artwork in mind: […]

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Wellington on a plate Olea Estate gets a big thumbs Olive Oil Tasting at Avida

As part of this year’s Wellington on a plate Event Olea Estate was invited to present its olive Oil in Wellington Avida popular bar and bistro. A number of great local olive oil producers were invited to sample the oil talk to the people attending.

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Researchers Say New Tool Measures Olive Oil ‘Healthfulness’

How good a specific extra virgin olive oil is for your health could be easier to assess with a new Greek system to measure and rate the content of key olive compounds oleocanthal and oleacein. Oleocanthal has anti-inflammatory effect similar to Ibuprofen and Oleacein is a powerful antioxidant, but until now they have been difficult […]

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Getting Kids to Like EVOO

We need fat in our diet. Our bodies need it as a source of energy, to process fat soluble vitamins and as the source of essential fatty acids important for the normal function of certain glands, metabolic functions, growth and reproduction. Children in particular need good dietary fat. Unfortunately, most children I know eat mostly […]

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Olive Oil Beneficial During Fertility Treatment

While research has shown that the consumption of olive oil protects from various chronic diseases, a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health has found a positive association association between good fats and positive outcomes in women having In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Dietary fat intake has been previously associated with reproductive health, for […]

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Is the Olive Oil you are using ok?

Is the oil you are using ok, Fair Go went out to test a number of imported oils and compared them with local products.  The results found that many of the imported oils did not measure up. Fair Go tests on major supermarket brands of Olive Oil showed NONE of the European oils tested are […]

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